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24″ Stainless Steel Water Recovery Surface Cleaner


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24″ Stainless Steel Water Recovery Surface Cleaner

Normal surface cleaner leaves dirty water on the cleaning surface and need to rinsing or flushing, that causing inconvenient and extra working. The Water Recovery Surface Cleaner makes high pressure cleaning and water recovery in ONE-STEP, it automatic sucks the dirty water along with the debris(smaller than 4mm) through the venturi system and delivery into a drain or recycle tank. Integrated venturi sucking system eliminate the use of a Vacuum Cleaner, it sucks the dirty water away from the asphalt, concrete, marble, tile and other flat surface and leaves like the rag wipe over, that makes the surface cleaning job more efficient both for indoor and outdoor usage. When the venturi system utilize hydro jet to create the vacuum it will reduce the cleaning force, so a greater flow pressure washer is recommended.

  • Max Pressure: 4000psi
  • Max flow: 30 lpm
  • Max Temp: 90°C
  • Weight: 16.5kg
  • Shipping size: 89cm x 59cm x 29cm


Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 900 × 600.0 cm


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